Monday, December 29, 2008

Playin' in a Winter Wonderland...At the Cabin!

On Friday we went up to the Flake cabin up near Causey Resevoir! We had so much fun relaxing...playing games...eating yummy food...and snow mobiling! We missed Bronson and Dad....hopefully they can make it next time! Here are a few pictures of our grand adventure! Happy New Year!

"Remember, if Christmas isn't found in your heart, you won't find it under a tree."

Christmas was a little different this year, we slept over at the Van Tussenbrook home and got up at 5:00am to celebrate Christmas with the Tuss family before dad went off to work at 6:00am! Christmas was so great, Santa spoiled us all rotten! Mike surprised me with a new CAMERA, a new pair of Dansko shoes...and lots of other fun stuff! Mike and I got a new computer too! I surprised Mike with lots of new clothes, a new football and a miniture foosball table! Our families also spoiled us...Thanks to everyone for everything! After eating Christmas casserole with my family we headed up to Kaysville to spend some time with Mike's family! Geesh, we are so stinkin blessed, we have two of the greatest families ever! Later Christmas Day we went back to The Van Tussenbrook's and had French Dip, spent some time with the family...and just enjoyed the spirit of Christmas. I hope that everyone had a Great Christmas! Thanks to everyone for making our holiday season so wonderful!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Every Christmas Eve my family gets together and had a pajama party on Christmas Eve! This consists of EVERYONE wearing their pj's, eating yummy homemade soup, playing the candy bar game and exchanging white elephant gifts! This year the party was at Sandy's was such a blast! All of my mom's siblings and their families (minus a few...we missed Bronson, Candace, Luke & Ty and Kyle & Nicole)were all at the party! It was really great to see everyone and spend some time with the family just laughing! We did have a star performance from the girls in the family...we all did a sing along to "Dancing Queen" from Mama Mia!!!! I was so so so so so so nervous...did I mention that I was nervous! I seriously thought I might vomit right before we danced and sang in front of the family! Needless to say, we all laughed our heads off and had a great time! Carly, Mattie and Stacie have a history of dancing and they all performed a little Beyonce number...which was so stinkin hilarious...I love all of them so much!

Gramps and his four daughters!

I LOVE my Grandpa SO SO SO Much!

Me and my little Bro Colt Dawg!

Stacie, Carly, Mattie, Audra and ME!

Mom Rockin' her air guitar!

Mom, Me, Carly and Audra...
after our star performance!

The whole gang singing and dancing!

These are the three
cutest girls ever!

Carly shaking her groove thing! hahaha!

After the Christmas Eve Party, my family all went back to my parents house (minus Bronson...who was working his firefighter job) and had a big sleep over! My dad had to be to work at 6:00 am on Christmas Day, so we all slept over so we could spend a little time with him on Christmas morning! Merry Christmas!


This year our Flake Family Christmas Party was at the Jackson's house in Centerville! Just imagine ScOnes, WhItE ElepHant PreSenTs, and LOTS of LaUghtEr! We had such a great time just relaxing with the family. I LOVE Christmas time and all of the family get togethers! Thanks Connie and Gaylan for a great Christmas party!

Mike with his cousins Tyson and Jeremy!

The Flake Cousins!

Mama Flake...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas Tracey Family!
Last night we went to the annual Tracey family Christmas Party! We had so much fun playing the right-left game, eating a delicious dinner of ham and cheesy potatoes, and exchanging white elephant gifts! The hot items this year were the i-tunes gift card and the wet/dry vac! Mike and I ended up with a sandwhich maker, which we were very pleased with....and some cozy socks and dish towels. We were very happy!

After our Christmas party, we went to my parents house to wish Carly a Happy 19th Birthday! We had fun celebrating with Carly and the family Saturday night! We went shopping out at the gateway during the day and went to the Olive Garden for dinner! YUM! Happy Birthday
little sis...We Love You!

Happy Happy Birthday to ME!

Well, I am finally 24! Yeah for me! I had a great birthday! I spent the day with my little sister Carly...we went to lunch at Paradise Bakery ( my favorite) and went shopping at the mall. Later that night, my whole family went to Red Robin for dinner and back to my parents for Confetti Cake and Moose Tracks ice cream (my other favorite thing)! I had such a great day! I also got a Silhoutte for my birthday, its a scrapbooking digital cutter...its awesome! Its so much fun! Thanks to everyone for making my birthday so special!